How big are the mirrors, pods and inflatable photo booths?


The Magic Mirror measures approximately 1m (w) x 0.5 m (d) and 1.5m (h). In addition, we require a space of at least 1m x 2m for guests to pose and an additional table for your guest book and/or additional equipment.


The Selfie Pods are 1m (w) x 1m (d) x 2m (h) and additional space will be required if the printer wants to go onto the table.


The Rectangular photo booth is  1.8m (w) x2.4 (d) x 2.4m (h), please contact us if you would like a different shape inflatable photo booth.

How many people can you fit into the picture for the Magic Mirror, Selfie Pod and Inflatable Photo booth?


The Selfie pod can hold between 3-4 people, Magic Mirror between 4-5 people and the Rectangular Inflatable Photo Booth between 5-6 people

Will the photo's be available on the night?


Yes the photo's are printed within 10 sec on a Mitsubishi Printer and using state of the art drying technology are waterproof within seconds. The name and date of your event can be put onto the print and dependent on package the background can be personalised.

What is the travel charge?


If the venue is within 30 miles radius if our head office in Milton Keynes then it is free. Over this a charge will apply so please contact us for a quote. 

Can my prints be downloaded?


All prints will be loaded onto Facebook. Depending on package and product prints are available via email.

Location of the Selfie Pod, Magic Mirror or Inflatable Photo Booth?


When selecting the location for the Magic Mirror at your venue please note that we need access to a nearby 13amp mains socket. The Magic Mirror can not be taken upstairs, if your event is located anywhere other than the ground floor please ensure that there is access to the required level by lift, we cannot be held responsible for failure to provide of the hirer does not ensure that the lift access is available. For safety reasons the Magic Mirrir can only be operated on a solid floor. We are happy to operate the Mirror inside a marqueebut can not set up outdoors or under a gazebo.


Can you tailor the props box?


Yes the props can be tailored to your themed event. Dependent on extent of tailoring may incur an additional charge. Please contact us to discuss on info@makeyourmemory.co.uk or 07377 555077.

Do all the booths come with attendants?


The Selfie Pods do not come with an attendant, however we do leave contact details if a problem should occur. The Magic Selfie Mirror and Inflatable Photo Booth do come with attendants.

How long are the booths available to hire for?


The booth hire depends on the package that you have chosen, and any additional hours required on the evening will be payable on the night and the venue will need to approve the extension to the hours.

Do you provide anything additional to the Selfie Pods, Magic Selfie Mirror and Inflatable Photo Booths?


Yes we do provide backdrops which can be viewed on our products page. if you would like anything additional please contact us on 07377 555 007 or info@makeyourmemory.co.uk and we will try and accommodate your requirements.

Can I view your Terms and Conditions?


Yes please see attached link, if there is anything that you would like to discuss please let us know.

Non Commercial Contract

Commercial Contract

How long does it take to set up the Selfie Pods, Magic Mirrors and Inflatable Photo Booths?


The Selfie Pods will take 30mins to set up and take down. The Magic Mirror and Inflatable Photo booth will take between 45mins to an hr. This is not included in your active time, if you do require us to set up earlier and the booth not be in use there will be an additional charge. Please contact us to discuss further on 07377 555007 or info@makeyourmemory.co.uk.

Do you have have public liability insurance and the venue has asked for it?


Yes we do and you can download here to give direct to the venue.

Certificate of Employers Liability

Professionals Insurance Schedule

Can the Selfie Pods, Magic Selfie Mirror and Inflatable Photo Booth go into a Marquee?


They can as long as it is flat, dry and an electricity supply. The venue should have a wet weather alternative plan in place so they will notify us of where they will require us to be. We reserve the right to alter the location if we feel that our equipment or staff members are at risk and that decision is final by the Make Your Memory Management team.

How do I book and how long do I have to pay?

You can book online or call us on 07377 555 007.

A 50% deposit is required on receipt of the invoice and you will be sent a confirmation that the date has been booked for you. The outstanding balance will need to be paid within 30 days of the event.

Booking time slots and Backdrops


Please select the time that you want the Selfie Pod, Magic Mirror or Inflatable Photo Booth to come. If selecting a backdrop the price is for the duration of the Selfie Pod, Magic Mirror or Inflatable Photo Booth is there for.

The backdrops are not hired out separatley to the Selfie Pods, Magic Selfie Mirror and Inflatable Photo Booth.

07377 555007

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